About us

M3 Studio Pte Ltd is an interior architect firm created by 02 aspiring individuals with the intention of bringing life and meaning to interior spaces through unconventional use of visual form and structure. While material and colour play concepts are important, we believe them to be more secondary and supporting in finishing a concept rather than to define the design concept.

Being an interior architect firm allows us to re-examine conventional structures and forms and break the monotony of regular shapes to be able to provide our clients with a unique twist in design concepts while still upholding the design integrity and functionality. This also allows us to break away from the normalities of interior design in Singapore and to create a platform to further expand our influence and vision.

Our business is Renovation which is a derivative of the Latin word ‘ Renovatio’ when directly translated refers to the renewal or rebirth of a space. We believe that through our works and processes we are able to breath a new life into an old space yearning for a change thus giving ‘birth’ to a new space via transformation.

The corporate logo of M3 Studio marks the 3 pillars of strength and principles which our company is based on.

About Logo

Mesmerising Designs

Unique & creative concept creations which shall mesmerize our customers. By using unconventional methodology and re-examining the boundaries of design, we are able to create designs that become an extension of our clients’ personalities and character.

Meticulous Management

Our management starts from the very beginning through understanding our clients and managing their requirements. We spare no stone unturned in looking at the details and solving problems during the design process so as to provide our clients with peace of mind. We then provide detailed and concise project management during the renovation period for our ultimate goal of delivery excellence.

Memorable Experiences

We understand that many clients do not understand what exactly is going on during the renovation or are afraid of being kept in the dark thus we make it our point to involve the customer in detail specifications and even some briefing or site meetings. We aim to engage our clients for them to understand about the process and take part in this wonderful journey together with us.