Frequently Asked Questions

Interior Design is essentially remodelling or renovating your home or space with careful thought planning in order to achieve the best combination of functionality with aesthetics. We spend most of our free time at home and with certain strategies, designing your home could actually facilitate or even enhance your daily lifestyle patterns. It also has a psychological impact on our emotions and minds as the right blend of design and colours would help us relax and sleep better.

Interior Design should not be a privilege that is only for the affluent or those with private property. Anyone who has a home and wants to make the most out of their space to enhance their lifestyle should source for an Interior Designer. Many current HDB and Build-to Order (BTO) unit owners have now taken to Interior Designers to assist them in achieving their objectives.

Although you may be able to source for items on your own, having a professional Interior Designer on your team with the knowledge and experience of countless similar projects and who would have the information and contacts to achieve the exact look that you are aiming for is invaluable. The Interior Designer would, through his experience, be able to guide and assist you in making crucial decisions on concepts, colours, furnishings and be able to blend them all together in a seamless fashion to create a home worthy of you and your spouse.

The Design Consultation is a service provided for a professional designer to come up with design concepts, foresee any problems and come up with solutions and provide assistance in choosing furnishing and fittings for your home. The designer would accompany you on shopping trips where he will impart his expertise and visualisation skills in order for you to make a better calculated purchase for the overall concept theme. Interior Designers have access to reputable and reliable vendors which has been built over time and the customer would enjoy the benefits of assess to these vendors as well as designer discounts which other retailers would not enjoy.

Firstly, a meeting needs to be scheduled between you and an M3 Designer where he will sit down and listen to what your wish-list is and any other requirements. The M3 Designer will be able to advice better on materials, safety aspects, and design concepts once he gets to know you better. The M3 Designer will then space plan your layout and come up with a Design Concept Proposal and present it to you.

Once you have engaged us as your Interior Designer, we would take detailed site measurements and finalise the design before we actually apply to start renovation works. During the renovation works, the M3 designer will show you the timeline project schedule as well as a details on the items to be build and work scope to be completed. He will then execute the project by co-ordinating the delivery and installation of all the work scopes in accordance to the projected schedule. He will also attend regular site meetings and update the client on the current progress as the works are being carried out.

You should look for us from the earliest time when you have obtained your floor plan and your unit would be ready within 3-6 month time. This is to provide ample time to really discuss and focus on the design concept for both you and our designer. It would be ideal if you could prepare the following for your initial meet-up with an M3 Designer:

* The floor plan for your new place,
* Clippings or excerpts of designs you like from any magazines, internet etc, or your Pinterest board link if you have one,
* Pictures or photos of any existing furniture items you wish to bring over to your new home,
* Know what you want to accomplish, what each room and the house should achieve for you,
* Know your objectives and your partner’s and your lifestyle patters,
* Establish a time frame for when you want your home to be completed,
* Estimate a budget you are comfortable with and be honest with our designer, a rough ball park figure would do.

The scope and process of renovation is wide and lengthy in nature and there may be certain conditions on site that may warrant additional costs during the course of the renovation. Some of these additional costs can be identified at the early stages and briefed to the client with the experience of our Interior Designers, given ample time to study the site conditions. The interior design consultation process helps to facilitate this and our Interior Designer would be able to better foresee and identify future issues upon start of works. We at M3 Studio, do not believe in misleading the client and we indicate as much details into our contracts as possible to ensure clarity and transparency.

At M3 Studio, we believe that the home is a very personal extension of the character of the occupants and thus it should reflect their personalities through design & art. As such, each home will be individually designed and crafted to fit the style, functions and patterns of our clients. Package deals are offered with many limitations in terms of size and style and may not fit into every client’s home. There may be also additional hidden costs in package deals especially when you decide to change the materials or sizes as well. M3 Studio creates a home for each individual and does not provide package deals for our works.