Finding the perfect place is to study is a huge task for many. A room should be conducive enough for you to focus on whatever it is you wish to absorb in your study session. Without the proper elements, you just might be wasting your time trying to concentrate. It is also important that room not be too cozy, especially if sleep becomes difficult for you. You don’t really want to end up snoozing in your attempt to seep knowledge. If you’re looking for a perfect study room & living room interior design in Singapore, these rooms should inspire you.

1. Most homes may not have enough space to have their own study room. Even though this is the case, setting up a study in your own bedroom is definitely not a bad idea. With this table set up facing the window, this position lets natural light in while you studying. This prevents strain on the eyes which artificial light is known for. Although there are some that may feel the table space is not enough, this will help you focus more less table space means clutter, reducing distractions.

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2. Draw inspiration from is this incredibly creative use of small space. With a few square meters available, elevating the bed on a platform had given the designer a chance to utilize the remaining platform area into a study corner. Having more table space means you won’t have difficulty fitting books and a laptop as compared to the first example. The light colors are positive reinforcement to stay awake during those long nights of hitting the books. Having blinds instead of curtains also helps in controlling the amount of natural light in your room for when you want to stay alert and when you are ready to rest for a bit.


3. People have different ways in concentrating. While some need total peace and quiet, some are able to focus more when they aren’t confined in a room. If you feel that open spaces are more your thing, then this study space might be for you. An area set-up on the balcony allows you to take as much fresh air as you need during breaks of heavy reading. Studying in open spaces also helps prevent you from dozing off as you are further away from the bed or the atmosphere of your own bedroom.


4. If you’re lucky enough to have a room that you can dedicate to studying and working, then you might want to have this design on your inspiration board. With a table going around the entire room, you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of space for your books, papers, laptops and even a desktop. A set-up like this is also great when you want to host group studies as there is enough room for everyone to focus on their own and exchange ideas with as you are all seated in the center of the room. The cabinets are great storage options to keep your study/work-related items within reach in your productive space.LoresClover 05

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