Personality Series: Home Design for The Workaholic

Personality Series: Home Design for The Workaholic

There are two kinds of workaholic – The overworked employee, and the entrepreneur. No matter which category you fall under, chances are one part of your house is going to double up as a designated – usually messy – work area. It can be as small as a shelf space or takes up an entire room. Your partner may not necessarily agree with you, but you can’t help but find some joy in the necessity of work. You are the workaholic, and proud of it!

 Productivity is our primary concern in this article. Below are the four primary factors to consider when designing a home-office.

Choice of illumination has a significant impact on the brain’s ability to process information. An optimal lighting depends on the type of work you are doing but ideally requires a balance of both indirect and direct light sources. Fluorescents are great for illuminating the whole room, but halogen bulbs are better for detail work. You also have to take into account glare from the computer screen and where your shadow is casted.

Colours can profoundly impact productivity, for better and for worse. Hues of red or orange can help to spark creativity but too much of red may instead invoke high levels of stress. Consider a reddish palette in areas where you spend time thinking, like the balcony or the bathroom. Yellow is great for raising self-esteem, bringing cheer and triggering innovation. It is best used in areas of the home where you will be letting you mind run free. Blue is generally known for its calming effect. Perhaps the bedroom would be a good place to take your mind off work right to prepare you for a good night’s rest? As for the work place itself, I suggest a colour that’s neutral to the eyes. Plants and greens in the work area have been proven to increase productivity.

Work Area
The joy of working from home is that you are not subjected to work from the confines of a cubicle. You have a choice of working for a large desk, on a beanbag or even in bed keying away on the laptop with a tray table. Think about the best place in your home to designate as work space. Not only should you think about how much space you need, but whether or not the space has access to WIFI connection and power supply, and away from noise.

Chill Out Corner
The downside of a home-office is that it’s hard to draw distinction between work and home. No matter how understanding (or tolerant) your partner may be, a certain level of work-life balance needs to happen before you get burnt out. Your home needs to have a place where you can disconnect. This place needs to have a stark contrast with the rest of your work areas. Maybe have a mini wine chiller where you can reward yourself with a glass or two or three after you’re done with work.

If the Workaholic is not quite you, check out the rest of our Personality Series to find something a little closer to home.


Personality Series: Home Design for The Tech Savy Guy

Personality Series: Home Design for The Tech Savy Guy

Fancy having a smart home like Tony Stark from the movie Ironman? Smart home systems used to be the pricey luxury toys of the wealthy are now becoming increasingly accessible. A modern tech savvy home is not just about gadgets, though. Tech savvy homeowners need to consider floor plans, building materials and everything else that goes into the design and development of a home. This is the Interior Design guide for the tech savvy geeks.


Home Cinema

When planning a home cinema, the space determines the screen size and type of projector to use. The recommended screen size is 16×9” for the ideal home cinema experience. The true cinema experience is all about the sound and the best place to position the main speakers is behind the screen and above the ground. So you will need to take into consideration where to place the speakers. If the lack of space is causing you grief, check with your interior designer on ways the screen can be inbuilt into the room design.



Now that you got your positioning done right, you will need to consider acoustics. Everything in the room from floor to ceiling has an effect on how sound reverberates. To reduce reflective noise, consider concealing hard exposed surfaces with curtains and carpets.

Gadgets, Wiring & Storage Solutions

Gadgets are the backbone of a tech savvy geek’s home. With advancement in technology and the proliferation of the latest buzz word – Internet of Things (IoT) – scores of cool gadgets are adorning every home that has changed people’s lifestyle. The gadgets are not just fancy; they provide quick solutions to everyday problems. The basic must-haves are motion detection, IP cameras, remote appliance control. Power supply and connectivity would be your biggest design concern. Home automations with controls over lights, air conditioning and curtains all at a click of the button from your mobile device would also be great for the tech savy individual.

From the floor plans, your interior designer would be able to advise you on the possible blind spots and power point considerations. With so many gadgets of different shapes and sizes, your home should inculcate loads of storage facilities such as cabinets, hidden drawers etc etc while still having decent access to all these gadgets. The tech savy guy doesn’t love clutter and likes sleek and minimal design for his home. Storage solutions should have a glass door encasing them so that any infra-red devices will still be able to activate even when the doors are closed.  


(This article is written in collaboration with Eugene Tay of the Alpha Mind)

Some Best Ideas For Condo Interior Design

Some Best Ideas For Condo Interior Design

The star of your room might be the bed, yet condo interior design Singapore don’t consider out end tables a crucial part of the room. A room without a bedside table implies that things like your clock, cell phone, books and lights are without a home. While picking end tables, be aware of the space accessible. Littler spaces will be unable to handle more than one bedside table. Blend it up, on the off chance that you are so disposed; the coordinating end table standard was made to be broken.

Try not to be reluctant to get imaginative; consider side tables or end tables as alternatives. A Moroccan pouf or shape hassock with a plate on top additionally are contrasting options to customary end tables. At last, remember your bedding tallness; you’ll need to ensure your table isn’t too high or low.

CB2 SAIC Sling Nightstand/Side Table

On the off chance that you are a non-copy-cat, the SAIC Sling Nightstand/Side Table is for you. The advanced piece ($249) was intended for CB2 in a joint effort with understudies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s on-pattern in a hand-completed metal tone and elements a calfskin sling for magazines, books or different things.

West Elm Penelope Nightstand

Condo interior design Singapore

Source: Houzz

Separate the hard edges and points in a room with a couple of Penelopes ($349-$399), accessible in two sizes (18″ or 24″ round) intended to fit any space. One drawer is the ideal catch-for all the disarray you’d rather not forget. The condo interior design Singapore hitting look of marble with a warm wood stain, antique metal itemizing and decreased legs include a mid-century touch.

Place that is known for Nod Campaign Nightstand

Condo interior design Singapore

Source: Land of Nod

In case you’re hoping to add a pop of shading to your room, give the Campaign end table ($299) a look. Accessible in splendid fuchsia, kelly green or white, with metal completed sections and pulls’, will undoubtedly add life to the room.

Urban Outfitters Metal Accordion Side Table

We as a whole need somewhat mechanical chic in our lives, and the Accordion Side Table ($79) by Urban Outfitters conveys. The plate top is removable for when you hunger for breakfast in bed. The table, accessible in an old fashioned bronze or metal completion, functions admirably as an end table for a little space since it can be collapsed up and put away when not required.

Gus Modern Wilson End Table

Condo interior design Singapore

Source: Julian Miles Davis

The two-tone look in walnut and white veneer make this basic, present day table ($399) a new end table alternative. The square shaped outline may show up no nonsense, yet the walnut woodgrain and gleaming white finish offer rich specifying, and the self-shutting drawer includes a pleasant touch.

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Ikea PS 2014

The imaginative utilization of individual, bright stacking plate gives this Ikea end table ($69) its capacity and excellence. Every plastic plate serves as a capacity spot, and you can stack them anyway you like. In case you’re inclined toward downplayed tastefulness, an all-white variant is accessible.

Casabianca Furniture Bari 1-Drawer Nightstand

Condo interior design Singapore

Source: Pinterest

Add a contemporary edge to your room with this scarcely their end table by Casabianca ($450). The blend of glass, stainless steel equipment and a skimming gleaming dark, red or white drawer hold your bedside necessities beautifully and structurally.

South Shore Gravity 2-Drawer Nightstand

This basic end table might be great in styling; however the dim wash tone is advanced. Furthermore, for $100, there’s no reason for having an end table free room any more. It’s an extraordinary choice in case you’re searching for a piece that offers more stockpiling.

Room and Board Hudson C-Table/Nightstand

Condo interior design Singapore

Source: Flickr

In case you’re prepared for a quality speculation, the Hudson end table ($599) is holding up. Made in the USA and accessible in a choice of stains, the single fiery debris or maple drawer sits on a steel base. Leave the shrewd C-formed base open, or utilize the space underneath for books, a wicker container or a footstool.

Vig Furniture Modrest 2-Drawer Nightstand

The clean-lined Modrest end table ($450) highlights a fascinating lopsided point of interest. White painted glass gives it a crisp, present day look paying little respect to what extent you’ve possessed it. The two substantial drawers will hold about anything you keep around your bed. Whichever style you pick, make the look your own; simply recall to consider capacity and also style while selecting an advanced end table for your room. We trust these thoughts have propelled you!

4 Awesome Ideas You Certainly Need For Your Condominium Interior Design

4 Awesome Ideas You Certainly Need For Your Condominium Interior Design

Condominium living has ended up both a prevalent and effective approach to adapt to the city way of life as a result of its availability to different urbanized and metropolitan locale in the nation. Condo interior design Singapore empowers people and families to experience comfort with city living through its great areas in respect to work environments, schools, shopping centers and day by day needs. Be that as it may, a mainstream thought of its constrained space accessibility, basic designs and completes has turned into an issue to some who need to lease an apartment suite.

Dread not however, on the grounds that even little apartment suite spaces can draw out the best in you. Your condominium in Philippines, as little or as large as it seems to be, can be an open door for an incredible home change extending from vitality effective home outline that will help you cut down on costs while keeping a remarkable showcase of your style to having your own one of a kind greenhouse apartment suite that can help you unwind following a prolonged days’ worth of effort. Demonstrating that little spaces don’t constrain an apartment suite tenant’s ability to make an extraordinary townhouse home outline are these heavenly inside configuration tips on how you can get rid of your little condominium space in Manila and wow your visitors with your townhouse change ventures:

The Traveler’s Home

Condo interior design Singapore

Source: Dispatch

On the off chance that voyaging has been an enthusiasm of you, then this townhouse home outline would not require a lot of an exertion. Your little apartment suite can be made a presentation of all the spots and time you spent going through your accumulation of travel finds, photographs, maps, tickets and the social images you may have purchased. Be that as it may, in the event that you have not yet been out there voyaging and wandering the world, condo interior design in Singapore can simply ad lib this one fun home configuration. All you have to concentrate on uncommon earth hues, for example, chestnut, dark and dark, a look of a guide and straightforward finds that are either woody or hearty. To outline apartment suite lounge room, picking wallpaper that appears to be like a guide is your base. It is then simple to include a couple of good stones top of your working work area, pad cases that says a little in regards to a nation or some place that you lean toward and a couple pictures of travel destinations on your pegboard as well. The space and the room, and keep in mind to pick furniture that are cleaned and lustrous.

A Trip Back to the 60’s

Vintage and retro are two of the most immortal home outlines, also ideas and stylishly slanting thoughts today. Such can be found in garments and numerous other inside plans of foundations and eateries that gives individuals a particular sentiment being in the comfortable and unwinding old fashioned vibes wherein disco and great organization are exactly what you generally required. To snatch this inside thought, have the fundamental vintage woody shades of chestnut, maroon, natural green, and messy white in addition to disco shades of orange and red. Use gathered objects of old typography, old lists, books and fascinating cookware for your lounge room stylistic layout on the off chance that you are attempting to maintain a strategic distance from substantial room furniture that possess a considerable measure of space. In any case, you may need a decent earth-hued couch and a woody feasting table or tea set that lies around your lounge room region for more often than not. Stick around photographs of you in highly contrasting and perhaps include some disco lights in the event that you can discover one at a sensible cost.

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Of Prints

Condo interior design Singapore

Source: Unimax

Fields and prints are two inverse headings on the style map; be that as it may, you can consolidate one with the other when planning. In city living, these two will look great through the eyes of your guests too with some crisp zebra print, bright polka specks or simply the plain highly contrasting hues. This little apartment suite outline might be one of the most straightforward to snatch as you will just need to recollect that one thing: don’t exaggerate the prints; overcompensating will simply make your little townhouse untidy and too uproarious.

Nature Lover

The normal scenes of trees and mountains are compelling perspectives to facilitate the brain from all the bustling boulevards of Manila. In any case, notwithstanding when Real Estate Philippines offers areas with this sort of view, it is still hard to discover when you are in the city, so you can simply go for options and ad lib with your own particular greenery enclosure townhouse and wide windows that don’t take into consideration the morning daylight to enter your little condominium unit, additionally give you a vitality effective home outline that will spare you cash spent for lights and power.

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