Vampire Energy – A drain on resources and your wallet!

Vampire Energy – A drain on resources and your wallet!

Not many people have heard of Energy Vampires or are aware of its presence at home. M3 designers not only have your interior design interest at heart, we are also concerned about helping you live effectively in the home that we lovingly designed with you. You’re welcome.

Energy Vampires is what it’s commonly called but it also goes by two other terms – standby power and phantom load. Admittedly, “vampire” sounds a lot cooler. So what’s this Energy Vampire we speak of? It’s the electric power consumed by electronic devices when they are switched off (but still plugged in).

On average, a household has about 15 devices constantly plugged in at any given time. Have a look around your house; I’m guessing that there’s a least one hand phone charger hanging off the socket and the LED clock on your microwave is still flashing.

Before you rush around unplugging everything from its socket, let me give you some quick guide to shaving off the bills without the hassle on messing around with every single plugs in the house.

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Devices with Digital Clock

The digital clock on your microwave may look innocuous but considering the number of times you use the microwave versus the number of hours the device is left idle, I daresay it consumes more electricity powering the clock than it does heating food. Coffee makers and ovens are the other two common culprits in the kitchen.

Computers and Entertainment Devices

You probably guessed it by now that the television, the cable box, game consoles, stereos and DVD players are all huge consumers of standby power. To mitigate this energy waste, hook up your entertainment system and related to power strips connected to a master switch. That way you can easily switch the whole system off when the family goes to bed or when everyone is out at work. According to industry experts, you can save a couple of hundreds a year if you keep up with this habit.

Hot Water Heater

This is an easy one. Turn off your water heater when not in use. Though most might be aware of this energy vampire, it still bears mentioning it as a reminder.

Smart Home Solutions

There are apps and products available in the market that will allow you to remotely control appliances like your air conditioning unit so that you don’t have to leave it running all day. Smart Home systems are able to connect to your mobile devices as well thus empowering you to save electricity and money at a touch of a button.

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Love smart interior design? Here are 6 space saving hacks for your HDB flat.

Love smart interior design? Here are 6 space saving hacks for your HDB flat.

We know: in Singapore, your HDB may be the size of a shoebox– but the quality your HDB interior design should never be compromised. Whether you’re looking to free up more space into your living room, or to declutter your bedroom for a mess-free rest, we’ve collated 6 space saving interior design hacks.

  1. Let there be light
    Feel like your room is a little too dark and dingy? Maybe it’s your curtains. Some curtains block out a large amount of light. Avoid those and swap them out for light, material that will let in the light even when they’re drawn for privacy. Adding more light fixtures will also help in making your little home feel lighter, brighter, and more beautiful.

1 Let there be light

  1. Do double duty
    Get flexible furniture that does more. In a small home like a HDB flat, furnishings with two or more functions can be a real lifesaver. Some pieces include ottoman seats that allow you to stow away any stray items, or foldaway beds that can be concealed to make way. While these might be a little more on the pricey side, consider these costs as the price for two items. The cost savings do add up, and you just might get your home dolled up for less.

2 Do Double Duty

  1. Put up your pictures
    While you might not have room to place more décor, you can certainly hang them up. Show off your personality by adding some artwork to your small space. Best of all, some hooks can be removed cleanly, so feel free to experiment without the commitment.

3 Put up your pictures

4. Pick something distinct
In a small space, décor displayed can make you feel like your home is in a mess. Cut down on the clutter and pick out a particular piece of furniture that speaks of your personality. Maybe it’s a bright red couch, a slouchy beanbag, or maybe even an avant-garde lamp.

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4 Pick something Distinct

5. Don’t fear heights
Floor space is always restrictive in a small HDB interior design flat, so turn your attention upwards. Attach shelving to your walls to display any mementos and books. Or they could serve a more practical purpose like keeping Fido and Felix’s treats out of reach.

3d cable shelf

6. Tiny spaces make for great storage
Have an odd space you don’t know what to do with? Slot a skinny spice rack in that awkward gap between the fridge and the kitchen sink. Lay a ladder against a wall to hang up your clothes. Don’t be afraid- be creative and make use of dead space that could bring your home to life.

Eco atelier interior


4 Simple and Unique Study Area Designs to Inspire You

4 Simple and Unique Study Area Designs to Inspire You

Finding the perfect place is to study is a huge task for many. A room should be conducive enough for you to focus on whatever it is you wish to absorb in your study session. Without the proper elements, you just might be wasting your time trying to concentrate. It is also important that room not be too cozy, especially if sleep becomes difficult for you. You don’t really want to end up snoozing in your attempt to seep knowledge. If you’re looking for a perfect study room & living room interior design in Singapore, these rooms should inspire you.

1. Most homes may not have enough space to have their own study room. Even though this is the case, setting up a study in your own bedroom is definitely not a bad idea. With this table set up facing the window, this position lets natural light in while you studying. This prevents strain on the eyes which artificial light is known for. Although there are some that may feel the table space is not enough, this will help you focus more less table space means clutter, reducing distractions.

LowresBB WestAve8 08

2. Draw inspiration from is this incredibly creative use of small space. With a few square meters available, elevating the bed on a platform had given the designer a chance to utilize the remaining platform area into a study corner. Having more table space means you won’t have difficulty fitting books and a laptop as compared to the first example. The light colors are positive reinforcement to stay awake during those long nights of hitting the books. Having blinds instead of curtains also helps in controlling the amount of natural light in your room for when you want to stay alert and when you are ready to rest for a bit.


3. People have different ways in concentrating. While some need total peace and quiet, some are able to focus more when they aren’t confined in a room. If you feel that open spaces are more your thing, then this study space might be for you. An area set-up on the balcony allows you to take as much fresh air as you need during breaks of heavy reading. Studying in open spaces also helps prevent you from dozing off as you are further away from the bed or the atmosphere of your own bedroom.


4. If you’re lucky enough to have a room that you can dedicate to studying and working, then you might want to have this design on your inspiration board. With a table going around the entire room, you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of space for your books, papers, laptops and even a desktop. A set-up like this is also great when you want to host group studies as there is enough room for everyone to focus on their own and exchange ideas with as you are all seated in the center of the room. The cabinets are great storage options to keep your study/work-related items within reach in your productive space.LoresClover 05

Budget-Friendly Upgrades for Your Home

Budget-Friendly Upgrades for Your Home



Is your home getting too old or some parts of it are falling off? Well, if that’s the case then your home certainly needs an upgrade to make it look fresh. However, upgrading your home can sometimes cost a fortune, right? If you say yes then that’s the part where you’re wrong because an interior design company in Singapore has come up with some ideas that will surely benefit your home but won’t cost your wallet that much. Read this information below to find out.


Refresh each room with paint – You can get rid of your wall’s washed-out look by bursting a brilliant depth of paint can on them. This is the best thing about a coat of paint because it will help rearrange your reality. It is sometimes overlooked by many homeowners but it sure is one of the best when it comes to bringing in something new-like to your home.


Install a low-cost stair runner – Is your stairs getting too old that you can no longer get a good grip on it and it feels too slippery? Well, you should try installing a DIY stair runner. Instead of getting your stairs carpeted for about $2,500, you can always go for something cheaper like an off-the-shelf woven runners along with a couple of supplies from a home center. This will surely give your stairs a non-slippery upgrade and it will also help conceal its former weary look.


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Conserve water by installing a dishwasher – If you’re baffled by this idea then it can be easily forgiven because old dishwashers can really cost havoc both on your water and electricity bills. Perhaps it is time to replace it with a new Energy Star-certified dishwasher since it can help reduce the cost by as much as $30 and save 500 gallons of water. If you don’t have a dishwasher yet then make sure to buy one now since washing dishes by your hand consumes 40 more percent more water.


Add shade and privacy by using interior shutters – Sunlight streaming through your windows is a great source of natural lighting but it can sometimes be an annoyance in certain situations. Apart from that, you can be easily spotted by your neighbors or even by someone walking on the street since you let your windows be wide open. The only option that you probably might have thought of is to install shades but you can actually try swinging wood shutters instead since it makes the cover even more beautiful. In fact, interior shutters were originally hailed as “window treatments” and even up to now, they’re still a great addition to historical and architectural detail.
Provide some new finish to your kitchen cabinets – If you feel that your kitchen has got a cave-like vibe then it’s probably because that your dark kitchen cabinets has taken the light away from the room. However, going for a brighter makeover will suffice it instead of replacing it with all-new ones. This alternative is really cost-effective because you will only be using a fresh, brighter coat of paint instead.

Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid



When you’re decorating your home’s interior, there’s no doubt that you are bound to mistakes along the way. But with the help of an interior design company in Singapore, some of these common mistakes will be cited so that you can avoid them if need be. Check out what these mistakes are in this information below.


  1. Small rugs – The most common problem in a well-designed room is adding a rug that is too small. To give you an idea, the ideal rug should ground a furniture group. The legs of the chairs should sit well comfortably on top of the rug. Just keep in mind that acquiring the right size of rugs will make the space in your room seem larger.


  1. Scale of furniture – In terms of furniture, people usually buy the ones that are too large for their space. This issue is easily neglected especially when the owner has a thing for a particular set of furniture. So before you decide on your purchase, make sure to consider the size of the furniture and the space left for it. Just keep in mind to always have a space that’s enough for an ease of movement.


  1. Inadequate lighting – There are some spaces that are horribly designed with inadequate lighting right from the moment it was built. Lighting is important and it should be layered within a space. The ideal layering for lighting should be mood, function, and harmony. The mood will help convey the feeling that you want to express within the room. The function should be based on the kind of activities that will happen in the room. And harmony will require that all the lighting elements in the room will work in sync with each other.


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  1. High wall art – There are some homeowners who often hang their wall art too high. The ideal display of an art should be eye level, although the smaller ones can be hung a bit lower. If you plan on hanging the art above the furniture then the ideal placement will be 8 inches above it. This will make the art piece look like they sit together.


  1. Picking wall colors quickly – When it comes to picking out the best color for the wall, some people tend to ignore it and just rush to a quick decision without considering the elements that are present in the space. This is a mistake especially when you see what the final product of the space will look like right after everything has been set.

6. Following trends – It is very common that people tend to follow the latest trend that they see on TV shows or read on magazines. But the thing about trends is that they change too often and if one follows that then it can be an expensive proposition. The best advice will be not to follow too much on the trend and just reflect on your personal preferences and whatever matches your lifestyle.

How to Properly Care For Your Condo Furniture

How to Properly Care For Your Condo Furniture

Waste mismanagement is a common problem in many household and even in condos. It can really take away the peaceful aura that you want to establish in your home and maybe even scare potential buyers if ever you plan on putting your condo in the market. That is why homeowners sought help HDB interior design experts to address this.


Another thing that makes cleaning the mess frustrating is if it is in your furniture or in between the crowded spaces to where they stand. This certainly makes the task harder or probably even more impossible to do. However, you need to calm yourself if this happens because it will surely get you nowhere. With that in mind, we have put up some tips on how you will be able to properly take care of any mess that has been bestowed upon your condo furniture.

Image source:

Image source:

Be hands-on with a portable vacuum – Your couch, especially the material that was used on it, can easily attract germs and dirt that can pose some hazardous effects on your health. By using a hand-held vacuum, you can easily scoot out the nasty dust and dirt that lives in your couch. This is such an easy task and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it will only take a minute of your time each day in doing it.

Image source:

Image source:

Keep everything shiny – For stylish condo furniture such as cabinets and table tops, it’s important that you keep it clean and shiny by wiping off any streaks or even the most minor fingerprints that are on them. You can use a cleaning solution like a glass cleaner or methylated spirits in order to wipe away those visible marks. This may be a simple and easily neglected task but it can surely make a difference when it comes to the overall cleanliness.


Never overlook your bed’s appearance – Make it a habit that you fix your bed’s appearance before and after you use it. This simple task will make you feel energized especially after you’ve awaken from a good night’s sleep. If you practice this habit more often then you will eventually engage yourself into doing more household chores.


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Maintaining your mirror’s clear visibility – Cleaning your mirror to maintain its visibility is such an easy thing to do that you can actually multitask while you’re doing it. You will surely appreciate the way you look even more if your reflection on the mirror is made much clearer.


Protect your tiles in every way – If your room is tiled and you have lots of movable furniture sitting on top of it then avoid dragging them to avoid producing marks on your precious floor. Whenever you feel like moving or rearranging these furniture, make sure to lift it rather than dragging it. If you feel that a certain furniture is too heavy for you to lift then always ask for a helping hand. Remember that having nasty marks or streaks on your floor can be no good and may even affect the value of your condo.
Now that you learned some of the best ways of protecting your furniture, make sure to practice them each day to get yourself acquainted on such tasks. This will be a great investment for yourself and even for the price of your condo. If you want some more HDB interior design tips, stay-tuned to our weekly article updates.

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