The interior designer, just like any specialised career path, has a price tag attached to it. In a very competitive industry, it is extremely hard for an designer to justify charging significantly higher than the average rates.

There are a few reasons for having a cost blow out astronomically that goes beyond the designer’s fees.

  1. Home owners have unique requirements.
    An interior designer’s job is to build a productive living area for you that is catered for your needs. Sometimes these needs and the space available make it a challenge for the designer and he has to spend nights mulling over how to be creative with what he has. The more challenging the demands, the more creative the designer has to be, and such a feat can take days of research and weeks of testing the proof of concept before execution.
  1. Expensive taste in material types
    You are a person of exquisite taste and your home must reflect that all the way down to the nails and rivets. Imported items are generally a lot more expensive because of availability and cost of shipment. Some of these products are so unique that they must be customized, and such bespoke solutions are always going to be costlier.
  1. Complicated designs.
    Love that herringbone fall tile design? Sure, it does look so stylish and chic, but such designs come with a high price tag, especially in Singapore when the tasks require manual labour. The longer the task is, the higher the price tag. Hacking of walls and retiling of floor tiles are other areas that usually builds up the cost factor.


So the next time you’re planning for a house, you know the areas to look out for that would probably bust a hole in your pocket. A small area doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to cost less. Always check with your designer on ways you can save money without compromising look and quality. Most times, it’s always easier to be forthcoming with your comfortable budget. Drop us a message if you need to speak to someone who you can trust.

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