11 Awesome Interior Design Ideas You Can Apply In Your Home

11 Awesome Interior Design Ideas You Can Apply In Your Home

Are you tired of getting the same concept and/or design for your home? Did you try other means but only to find out that you fail? Well, just because your home is pint-sized that doesn’t mean you have to live with pint-sized decor. There is really something you can do to level up your home’s interior design – it is all about creativity and commitment. According to a condo interior design Singapore expert, it only takes a small step to make big steps in decorating a home. Speaking of which, why don’t you try these apartment decorating ideas on for size, and you’ll find your small apartment has never looked bigger. It is really going to be awesome and exciting at the end!

Go Curvy

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Source: HGTV


Just like any condo interior design in Singapore, most, if not all, apartments are boxy; hence adding some curves is going to be fun and appropriate. Designers even suggest adding round tables, chairs with a curve and rugs that are either shaped or adorned with spirals and dots. Do this and your home will never look the same again!

Lighten It All Up

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Source: Lovely Home Designs


A light rug can open up your room and make it feel larger, while colorful wallpapers can make a huge difference. A bound carpet remnant can work great, too. If your apartment came with stained or dark wall-to-wall carpeting, cover it up with a rug in a lighter hue. The idea is to give your home’s interior design a light approach.

Go With Curtains

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Source: Lando Fnot

You don’t have to live with those standard-issue apartment blinds. Add a touch of drama with curtains, and consider the tricks you can do with them to make your space appear larger. Hang curtains outside the window or even on bare walls. Hang them floor to ceiling to create height, or have them flow from a cornice that hides the curtain rod.

Layer It

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Source: Bethansen


Contrary to what you might think, small spaces don’t have to forgo a bed with lots of linens and fabrics. Layers and an elegant mix of colors, prints and pillows can make a space seem airy and give depth to what is likely one of the biggest pieces in the home.

It is All about the Scale

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Source: YouTube/Frank Lloyd Wright Taleisin

Unless you’re trying to make a statement with a dramatic, overstuffed couch, your small space will actually look larger with moderately sized or slightly smaller furnishings. Remember, it is all about scale!

See Clearly

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Source: Edge Homes

Lucite tables or chairs and glass tops all give the impression of openness while still delivering the function you need. Try this and you will see clearly just how beautiful your home’s design is.

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Sleep On It

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Source:  Culips

An old solution for cramped spaces has come back into style for good reason. Today’s Murphy beds pop out of sight and look just as great when they’re in use, says designer Dawn Burns-Pratt.

Brighten Things Up

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Add light up, down and all around to create interest and the feeling of space. Remember that lights are the most amazing way of making a home feel warm and welcoming. Using several lamps throughout a space creates a warm glow in the room. This is certainly a good way to create a positive atmosphere.

Priorities, Priorities

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Source: DRprem


Because small spaces are very limited, you need to figure out your priorities and allocate accordingly, which most famous interior designers would suggest. Some people need a desk area, but not a dining area. Some people want a living area and would prefer a bed that folds up. Make the space work for your needs and don’t hold yourself to what is traditional in a home. It’s your home after all!

Float It

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Source: Zen Float


Designer Jason Landau loves mounting floating shelves wherever there is space. Because they float, this kind of shelving adds tons of storage but looks sleek and contemporary. And then go crazy with the stacking, he says.

Add Some Colors

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Source: FresHome


You don’t really have to stick with your favorite colors. In fact, you can use a combination of sorts to make your home akin to a rainbow or whatnot. The idea is to put interesting colors that best describe your overall personality. This is something that can stir your visitors’ imagination and pique interests.
Here at M3 Studio, we always work rigorously to achieve the best possible interior design for your home, apartment and condo. We ensure that every detail is given enough attention, so as to acquire the best possible results. Give us a call now and know what other ways to make your home’s interior design at par with the famous ones.

7 Important Tips to Remember When Choosing the Right Designer

7 Important Tips to Remember When Choosing the Right Designer

If you are planning to acquire the services of an interior designer, know that the relationship can be burdensome yet intimate. This is because you have to work hand in hand so as to achieve the ideal design for your home’s interior. A living room design Singapore expert said that you can always reap good benefits if you take time to review the qualities of a good designer before hiring one.

Remember that same with any other relationship, the communication can go beyond expectations and can even escalate to misunderstandings. But, of course, as long as you know how to select the right home interior designer, you can always get the best possible outcomes.

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind before even deciding to hire a home interior designer.

Take Measurements of Your Room

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Source: Houzz

It is really important that you take the measurements of your room, as well as marking them out on a plan. From there, just simply add cut-out-shapes of your desired furniture, so as to identify their ideal placement in the room. Doing so will give an idea on how people will move around and/or circulate in the room.

Know Where the Best Natural Lightning Should Be

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Source: Porch

Regardless of your home’s size – be it small or big – it is vital that you are able to identify where the locations are to achieve natural lighting in your room. From doors or windows, you need to examine each possible corner in order to get a better idea. Doing so will also help you decide where the artificial lightings should be placed, as it needs to compliment with your natural lighting.

Don’t Rush It and Wholeheartedly Plan For It

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Source: Spaces

As what a specialist for living room design in Singapore said, your home reflects your personality as a whole. This means that whatever the design of your home will be is synonymous to you in one way or another. Therefore you should plan your interior design around objects, furniture or even floor coverings. Choose these items based on the style which inspires your choice of décor. If you’re looking for ideas, check out the latest design trends, all of which have something for everyone’s taste

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Decide Which Colors Will You Be Using

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Source: Gnuarch

Colors play an essential role in defining your home’s personality, thus it is best to decide on what exactly you want to use in the room. A general rule of thumb is limit yourself to three colors, as too many can yield unwanted results. Then you can experiment by using and adapting famous house interior design ideas, which is highly recommendable for a better and more radian design.

Try to Gather a Patchwork Based on the Colors Chosen

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Source: Décor 4 All


Gather round you a patchwork of materials in these colors in order to help you imagine yourself in this future interior décor. Remember to take into account the furniture, curtains, walls, floors and doors. Help yourself think about the ensemble by having a couple of photos of your room. That way you can visualize how the colors and tones will look in the space. Above all, use your imagination to even explore ideas that are excellent.

Always Start With the Walls

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Source: East Side Home Link

Whether you choose paint or wallpaper, your walls will certainly create the main color in the room. You can also leave them in a neutral white or gray to highlight certain colors used elsewhere. You may need to be careful not to accentuate these too much, as they could draw too much attention if not sufficiently balanced by other nuances. If you decide on a particular color, choose a matt finish, which can better hide small defects. If you want to make your room look bigger, opt for bright or clear colors. Make a contrast between walls and a white ceiling to give volume. You can go for a deeper effect, for example, creating a color contrast on walls opposite natural lighting. You can vary the colors by lightening the tone as you go nearer to the light and paint the wall of the window in white.

Find the Right Position for Your Furniture

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Source: East Side Home Link

Once you’ve created the overall decoration, position your furniture. Don’t hesitate to try different combinations to see what works. Complete the interior design with objects. Be careful not to clutter the space with too many and, above all, think about the balance of color. Don’t forget that curtains are an important visual dressing.
At M3 Studio, we are all about home interior designing. Our goal is to give you the design that best defines your personality and taste. Contact us now to know how excellence can be part of your home’s interior design.

9 Awesome Home Interior Design Tips You Can Follow

9 Awesome Home Interior Design Tips You Can Follow

Having small spaces can be a tough one, especially to designing your home’s interior. A condo interior design Singapore based expert said that small spaces can look huge and appealing once applied with the best ideas. From simple, small, house, you can level up it all up! Just be creative enough and responsible in respond to your interior design at home.

Downsized the Design


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Source: Houzz

Roxy Te Owens, founder of Society Social, furniture and accessories line, and her husband, Alan Owens, an engineer, share this tiny NYC apartment with loads of cute, practical stuff. And thanks to Roxy’s innovative decorating, the home doesn’t look one bit cluttered. “My secret is trays,” Roxy says. “When you put a pile of stuff on one, it instantly looks neat.

Small-Scale Furniture


condo interior design singapore

Source: Eighty Hundred SQFT


If you’d gone with a typical overstuffed couch, you wouldn’t have had space to walk, right? Well, of course. Instead, go for an off-white two-seater, The coffee table is actually two end tables placed next to each other and can be scooted out of the way for more room. A lower shelf on each table means twice the storage. You hung the frames with removable adhesive hooks instead of nails, so it’s easy to move the pictures around.

A Shelf Turned Countertop

condo interior design singapore

Source: The Lettered Collage

On a living room wall, simply install a 12-inch-deep painted wood shelf from a hardware store. It does not only hold pieces like frames and vases but also serves as a vanity table for your morning makeup routine. Don’t be scared of wallpaper, even in a tight space. Think of it like a big piece of art, and clear tools get strutted out for parties when they’re not being used with the makeshift vanity.

A Double-Duty Table


condo interior design singapore

Source: Next Home


You will surely love a bar cart, but you can’t simply choose between one and a side table. Rather than sacrificing one of your favorite pieces, you put the cart to work next to the couch holding a lamp, books and knickknacks on its top shelf, and bar basics on the bottom.

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A Mini Home Office


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Source: BigBobz


An 8-foot-wide wall in your bedroom can serve as your cozy and warmth workspace. The lacquered desk from known furniture-selling companies and curvy gold chair with a floral seat are pretty enough for a bedroom. A bookcase that goes to the ceiling — rather than stopping short — makes a small room feel bigger. There are even shelves holds a mix of office file boxes, trinkets, nail polish and jewelry: a half-work, half-play station.

Free-Up Floor Space

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Source: Gizmodo

The small metal shelf, a $10 flea market find that are spray-painted gold, is mounted on the wall, so it doesn’t take up room like a nightstand. You can also choose a clip-on lamp from The Land of Nod. If they made clip-on vases, you can always have one of those, too. It is like a giant removable decal — it can easily be peeled off, perfect for rental living. And, besides, it is going to be a lot of fun!

Blue-Gray: Wall Mural


condo interior design singapore

Source: MuralMate


Designer Meg Caswell brings contemporary flair to a turn-of-the-century dining room while still honoring the past. She keeps the original tin ceiling and adds classic elements, like wainscoting. The true showpiece of the space is a breathtaking monochromatic, blue-gray landscape mural.

Blue-Gray: Spa-Style Bathroom

Designer Patty Malone used a Caesarstone tub surround, custom laminate tub facing by Terri Robison Design and a custom area rug to create a spa-like bathroom with a blue-gray backdrop.

Move Furniture to Somehow Make Big Spaces

condo interior design singapore

Source: Houzz

Sometimes, the idea falls under how committed you are to doing something that can make a huge difference. You can simply start by trying to move furniture, but all in a good and beneficial way. And, sure enough, one benefit you’ll have is to be able free up space, enough to give us all the attention and focus!
We here at M3 Studio only apply the latest and up-to-date trends in the industry of interior designing. We are among the best condo interior design in Singapore, and will only apply the latest techniques in the field of interior designing. Why don’t you give us a call, learn what you can do to your home today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Steal-Worthy Housekeeping Tips for Your Living Room

Steal-Worthy Housekeeping Tips for Your Living Room

When it comes to your home, the living room is among the most important areas that needs thorough cleaning. It could consist of soft, comfy furniture or plush carpeting – all things that you can think of. According to a living room design Singapore expert, your living room shares challenges of dust, dirty carpeting and upholstery stains, among others.

It is only right that you give utmost important to your living, as this is one of the areas in your home where you either spend the night watching movies with your family or simply enjoying the weekend chill. Remember: a good, tidy living room reflects your personality, thus can somehow speak of who you are.

To keep you comfy and relaxed, here are some housekeeping tips for your living room. Read on!

Know What You Need and Vice Versa

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Source: This Sweet Doll House

It is only vital that you distinguish which items you really need in your living room. Sure, there is no limitation as to how many furniture you can put, given that it makes the whole area pleasant and organized to look at. For instance, you don’t have an idea when you last used a living room item, or when you might use it again, you might want to consider removing it. Remember that a good living room is synonymous to being clutter-free.

Look After the Objects in Your Living Room

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Source:  All Home

Sometimes, there are things in your living room that are there because someone placed it incorrectly or whatnot. For example, your kids were playing ball in the said area; however, after playing, they forget to return it to the right place. Be sure that you put it away, as it can only present a cluttered living room. Besides, having a ball in the living room can prove to be hazardous.

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Use Vacuum Always

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Source: Fresh Design Pedia

Yes, as much as possible, it is best that you always use a vacuum. A living room designer in Singapore said that this ensures you that you’ll be able to suck up all the debris that’s been shifted onto the floor during the cleaning process. Newer vacuums should not be pushing dust back into the air, either. If yours has this problem, consider investing in a new one or changing the filters and bags. This is also the right time to erase any carpet footprint

Other Living Room Cleaning Tips

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Source: HomeLife


Remember that the key to a clean home is cleaning it consistently. Hence it is only right that you follow a house cleaning routine that ensures that all of your spaces are as clean as possible. For your personal cleaning needs, you can always follow the simple house cleaning schedule below:

Daily: On a daily basis, collect any toys, mail, etc. that has accumulated over the course of the day and put them in a pile in the middle of the room. One by one, put them where they belong.

Weekly: On one day per week, dust around the room – working left to right and top to bottom. From there, you can move on to cleaning your coffee table and other surfaces. After dusting, it is also a good time to vacuum your furniture, removing and rotating sofa cushions to encourage even wear and increase their useful life.

    Monthly: Move your furniture and vacuum beneath it. Wash your windows as well (weather permitting, i.e. above 50 degrees). Also, you should always clean furniture as often as necessary.

Yearly: On a yearly basis, you should evaluate your living room, taking care to de-clutter and dusting anything that is hard to reach (i.e. ceiling fan) using a ladder as necessary. This is also a good opportunity to clean your fireplace if you have one.

If you follow these tips and tasks, for sure, your living spaces are always up to par when friends, relatives and/or guests arrive. And since you have better ways to spend your time, it is really best that you know someone who can help you at.

Well, at M3 Studio we can be your living room’s best friends, as we have the right ideas and solutions. Above all, your new-found free time will allow you to finally enjoy that couch that you have been vacuuming out all these years. So, why not give us a call and experience the benefits? Contact us now!

5 Simple and Sleek Designs Perfect for Your Home

5 Simple and Sleek Designs Perfect for Your Home

People usually dream about homes that they would want to have at a certain time in their life. Having a house that reflects both your personality and needs is essential. A quality home design is one that fits your needs, the one that can be felt properly and attributed to you. Remember: Your home’s design speaks a lot about you, as it makes a statement.

Sure, it is fun to build or renovate a home; however, it is also quite challenging, as there are a lot of things you need to take care prior to commencing the project. Even an interior designer in Singapore would agree that building a home is major project, not taking into account your budget and your house’s size. Nonetheless, there are ways for you to save, only if you have the right home design plan – one that has the perfect designs for your home.

As a homeowner, you should always pay attention to the design of the house you want. That everything is put in the paper, as it does away with mistakes that can only lead to you spending more money, effort and time. Moreover, you need to consider home designing a technical matter and that it needs both preparation and research.

Well, if you’re dying to know how to level-up your home’s interior design, here are 5 simple and sleek designs that are steal-worthy for your home.

Small Touches and Blue Paradise

interior designer singapore

Image source: goodhousekeeping.com

Are you tired of your boring kitchen? Well, why don’t you add some brass accents and non-traditional pendant lighting? Certainly, these will make your kitchen look a bit romantic, as well as an injection of high-end appeal. Open shelving might be a risk, but a burst of bright blue can make an even bolder statement. You can add some white countertops, appliances and shelves, or simply use your imagination – it surely does the trick.

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Go for Lavish Bedroom

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Image source: igotyourrug.com

In every home, the bedroom always take the center stage. This is most especially for people who want to go for a luxe-hotel style. If you think of all the hotel you’ve visited, the bedroom is always well-designed, along with matching pillows, bedding and curtains. Just start with a supportive mattress, or layer it with plump down pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets for a luxurious look. Add two side tables and side lamps, a desk, a couple cozy chairs with quaint side tables, a gorgeous armoire for clothing, and a television that is well-hidden inside a beautiful armoire or cabinet. Furthermore, you can outfit it with a plush headboard that you can lay your head against.

Stained Glass Appeal

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Image source: memorabledecor.com

Stained glass decorations can bring unique materials, colors and patterns into your home’s interior design. In fact, it’s a symbol of classy and elegant style, and even add chic details to traditional and modern interiors. It’s really an amazing material for modern home decorating that looks beautiful and fragile, creating impressive combinations and attractive contrasts. You can simply place some grey-green accents combined with marble, giving your home a serene and calming feeling.

Optimal Lighting

First, you need to understand that clarity of natural daylight – at its best – is really hard to replicate. Hence you must go with a lighting that reflects quality and intensity. And although fast progression of technological development in lighting at present makes replication easier, you would always want to go for natural light. To optimize it, go for large windows and mirrors; while at night, light some candles around the tub and sink in.

interior designer singapore

Image source: hgtv.com

The concept of optimal lighting is particularly vital in your living/family room, an area of the house where you tend to gather for long period of time and engage in vast activities. Another way to provide optimal lighting is to use table lamps, such as pharmacy-style adjustable lamps placed near a reading chair or game table.

Replicate a Spa Bathroom

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Image source: romanticbedroom.tk

You’ve probably saw a glass-enclosed walk-in shower, along with full-body jets and an equally strong shower head. Of course, there was a Jacuzzi tab and a double set of deep sinks with large mirrors. Without doubt, you would want such beauty in your home. When entering a bathroom, it’s best to be welcomed with an equally serene and posh décor. You can go for heated towel racks and marble or tile-flooring. Although these items may be above your price point, but you can definitely attain a lavish bathroom. It can also be as simple as installing pretty shower curtain, a few plush towels and some scented candles.

Tricks that make you living room look and feel bigger

Tricks that make you living room look and feel bigger

Small living room is not a disease, but it sure has the power to make you feel like you’re trapped and with that feeling waiting for you at home all day every day it might as well be a disease. Singapore interior designers have been innovating solutions to solve such dilemmas.

If you have a living room that is smaller than what you would prefer, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. My guess is most people who live in a big city around the world share the very same pain as you do. If it makes you feel better, I have seen someone living in a very literal closet in New York City. So at least you have a living room, right?

In Singapore, most of the residents in this fine island would probably agree that the size of their living room could really use an upgrade. But this is Singapore, not Texas. Your HDB flat comes with a “fun size” living room oh well what can you do?

Actually, there are a lot you can do.

Like, mirrors.

interior designer singapore

image source: www.housetohome.co.uk

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, tell me if my living room is big enough to host a ball.”

Well, if you’re reading this, the answer is probably going to be no.

But having a mirror on the wall is a good start! We all know that mirror is a great space play, and big mirrors can make a place look and feel much bigger. Think about it, those dance studios are never as big as they seem! Use mirrors to virtually extend your living room, although we all know it’s not real but hey, as long as it feels real, and you and I both know it will!

If you’re feeling particularly wild about it, you can position the mirror across from a window to maximize the virtual effect.

Out of sight, out of mind.

interior designer singapore

Image source: www.homedit.com

We know that sometimes just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there, but it sure feels that way, right? With the demand of storage solution rising with time, a lot of the furniture in the market offer storage space to help with the problem. Stairways, under-bed, and sometimes even storage spaces in disguise as couch, coffee table and more!

And don’t forget that vertical space.

interior designer singapore

image source: www.homedit.com

Take a look up, that’s probably the most spacious space you have in your apartment. That means… Space. Are you going to let that go to waste? Of course not! Use the wall for vertical storage space, of if you have the luxury of not needing more storage space, hang something simple or an elegant wall art to say “Hey, look at me, but not really, look how spacious this is.”

Hold on, I’m not done yet. 


interior designer singapore

Image source: www.messhall.org

Desperate to free up some space just to lighten up your living room a little? Here’s something for you: Get rid of your traditional couch and replace it with a backless couch.

It’s like getting a hair-cut, you’d be amazed how much of a difference it makes without the back cushion. Freeing up a significant amount of space virtually and gives your living room a clean and fresh vibe.

And sometimes, to avoid looking too cramped, we must add a little something first.

interior designer singapore

Image source: www.home-designing.com

Plants. Get yourself some easy to take care of, small and clean looking plants and put them in the corner.

I know, I know. You’re thinking doesn’t that take more of my space? I am trying to make my living room look spacious!

Well, sometimes it’s all in your head, and with a little help, you, too can play tricks on your mind. The corner greenery does exactly just that, tricking your head thinking the space is bigger than it really is.

And for the non-deceiving tricks….

Ultimately, making your living room (actual) spacious is about getting rid of stuff, or, if the stuff is small enough, hide it.

And here’s where multifunctional furniture come in, choose furniture that can serve as more than one thing, this could be a pull out bed, or a sofa that comes with storage space. Either way, the principle is to Use. Every. Inch. Of. Your. Home. Space. (And sometimes use it twice!)

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Also, for the more open looking home space, consider getting built in storage. This type of storage usually fully utilizes your apartment layout and often come in as a floor to ceiling arrangement, some with a touch of connecting wall shelves, bringing all your storage needs right by the wall and open up the living space.

interior designer singapore

Image source: www.housetohome.co.uk

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