7 Non-Conventional Tips to Give Life to Your Boring Living Room

7 Non-Conventional Tips to Give Life to Your Boring Living Room

Regardless of your living room’s size, it’s always important to decorate it according to your style and preference – one that you can be proud of and comfortable to live in. You see, there are lots of living room design Singapore that you apply, as long as you know which one applies to you. Well, to help with such quest, below are some tips on how you can make your living room a bit comfortable for inviting friends, family and loved ones. Take note and thread carefully!

Use Colors to Set the Mood

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Source: Decoration Channel


The hues you decide for your lounge room will influence how visitors feel in the space. Hues can empower or unwind the space, contingent upon how extraordinary they are and how warm or cool they are. A peaceful plan of delicate blue and white makes this roomy front room feel quiet, cool, and gathered – a generous setting for rich social affairs. A light tan cover underneath warms the space and keeps the cool tones in parity.

Finish Your Ceilings and Walls

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Source: Ikea Hackers


Normally, family room dividers get more involved or formal treatment than different rooms in light of the fact that the room is an open space. To make it an inviting room that communicates your identity, pick wall-coverings or medicines that mirror your style. The dividers in this room are wallpapered with a chic print. The impact conveys warmth and composition to the dividers and gives them a look of classical times.

Add Architectural Trimwork for Added Character

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Source: Houzz


Trimwork fills functional needs, covering the creases where floors and roofs meet dividers and supporting the structure around openings. Be that as it may, these components fill stylish needs as well. The style of trim-work gives your home a particular look, whether traditional, contemporary, old-world, or local. Anticipating lintels over the entryway and windows, a profound cornice, and a framed and radiated vaulted roof join to give this white-washed family room a feeling of spot.

Go With a Comfortable and Stylish Flooring

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Source: Floor New

With regards to the capacity of the lounge room as an open space, pick a story covering that gives comfort underneath and puts forth an outline expression too. This energetic one end to the other rug establishes the framework for a refined blend of florals and stripes.

On the off chance that you favor a less strong floor, pick a strong nonpartisan deck that permits regard for spotlight on furniture or craftsmanship. Hardwood floors with zone mats are a standout amongst the most well-known decisions for lounge floors, however earthenware tile, stone tile, and full covering work as well.

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Add a Focal Point

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Source: Budget Decorating

A point of convergence, or also known as a focal point, stays the lounge and draws you into the space. A chimney is a characteristic point of convergence, symbolizing hearth and home, yet in most living spaces, the TV is the genuine main focus. According to experts in living room design in Singapore, to keep them from contending, pair them up. A wonderful perspective or a shocking bit of workmanship can likewise serve as a room’s point of convergence.

Arrange the Furniture Apt for Conversation

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Source: Jonathan Adler

Living rooms are usually for social occasion spaces, so utilize furniture game plan to advance discussion and cooperation. Pull seating pieces far from the dividers and organize them to face each other. On the off chance that you have a vast family room, break it into two conversational gatherings for a more agreeable, personal feeling. Seats and stools that can be maneuvered into the gathering as required permit you to grow the circle and still keep the closeness.

The Lighting

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Source: HGTV

Lighting in the family room ought to be intended for making a casual, agreeable inclination. Go for layers of light, and position light sources so they shape approximately a triangle to guarantee great circulation of enlightenment. Table lights that center the light down will urge individuals to take a seat and unwind. The covering circular segments of light enlighten the seating rather than the upper dividers, sending the message to sit.

Keep these tips in mind and surely, your living room will turn into something you can always be proud of. For more of these amazing living room tips, give us M3 Studio a call. We’ll surely make it all interesting for you and your home!

8 Cool Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat without Using Air Conditioning

8 Cool Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat without Using Air Conditioning

Now that the high temps have really kicked in, it’s hard to remember that this is the season everyone longs for during the darker, colder months of the year. Ha! If your home doesn’t have AC (or you are choosing to leave it off as much as possible) you can feel stuck, especially when it comes to getting a restful night’s sleep. According to an expert in condo interior design Singapore, there are few simple changes, however, can keep your home cooler and more comfortable throughout the summer months, allowing you to skip or skimp on air conditioning—and save some cash in the process.

Read on for a handful of helpful ways to beat the heat this summer.

Have a DIY A/C

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Source: YouTube – DesertSun02

A simple do-it-yourself air conditioner can help keep you cool: simply place a bag of ice in a metal bowl, then position a fan to blow over the ice. For an even more elaborate set up, consider a homemade A/C unit like this one. Now, that’s a great way to stay cool and save lots of money, right?

Or, if you want, buy a high-efficiency air conditioner: for room air conditioners, the energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating should be above 10; for central air conditioners, look for a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating above 12.

Let Those Fans Work

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Ceiling fans can be your best friend come summer, but make sure they are set to run in a counter-clockwise direction; this allows them to draw cooler air up from the floor. At night, try positioning a box fan in an open window to pull in the cooler air from the outdoors.

Cook Al Fresco


Cooking dinner over a hot oven heats up more than the chef—it warms up the home as well. Keep your house cooler by doing more of your summer cooking on an outdoor grill, or opting for cold salads and sandwiches. If you must use the stove, run the ventilator hood fan to draw the hot air out of the house.

Keep Them All Closed

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Source: Red Velvet Occasions

When the sun’s rays pour in through windows and doors they can contribute to an overheated home. Keep curtains and blinds drawn during the daytime to block heat generating sunlight. Then when night falls, open the windows to allow cooler nighttime air to enter the house.

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Use Nature’s Coolers

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Source: Rosalind Creasy

Planting trees in the yard goes a long way to keeping your home cool during the summer. Leafy deciduous trees provide shade during summer, but let in light during the winter once their leaves drop. If trees aren’t an option, consider installing awnings over the sunniest side of the house.

Eliminate Heat Sources

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Source: USwitch

Chances are that you can do without some of the heat-producing equipment in your household. Unplug chargers when not in use, as these can draw additional heat into the home through electrical sockets. Replace incandescent light bulbs with cooler (and more efficient) CFL or LED lights. If you normally park the car in the garage, leave it outside in the driveway for an hour or two until the engine cools off.

Screen Time

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Source: Mobile Screen Shop

If there’s anything worse than a hot house, it’s a hot and stuffy house. Consider installing a screen door over the front or rear exits. Then, open your door in the early morning and after dusk when the weather is at its coolest to air fresh air into your home. Besides, this is considered as one of the many ideas when it comes to condo interior design in Singapore.


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Source: Best Ventilation Fans

You can help get rid of unwanted heat through ventilation if the temperature of the incoming air is 77 F or lower. (This strategy works most effectively at night and on cooler days.) Window fans for ventilation are a good option if used properly. They should be located on the downwind side of the house facing out. A window should be open in each room. Interior doors must remain open to allow air flow.

If you need some great ideas like the aforementioned, we here at M3 Studio can definitely help you out. With the hot days we’re experiencing, it’s always cool (pun not intended) to have something to feel refresh. Give us a call and we’ll surely make it all worth it for you!

7 Valuable Tips When Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home

7 Valuable Tips When Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home

Needless to say, choosing the right furniture is very important. Its significance is more than falling in love with its initial beauty. Experts in Singapore interior design say that both the construction and style your furniture should be able to last many years. Therefore, you need to consider the unique details as well as the construction quality of a certain piece. Doing so is enough to help seal the deal. But of course, a little guidance from pros will never hurt an arm.

Below are 7 useful tips on how you should choose the right furniture for your home. Keep them in mind before you purchase one!


singapore interior design

Source: Deviant Art – PixerSize


Is the general shape of the piece trendy or will it stand the test of time? A piece of furniture is an investment in your home and says a lot about you. Choose a silhouette that you will love now and in the future. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should choose something shapeless or without style. Whether your preferences are contemporary or traditional, there are many updated options available on the market.

The Fabric

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Source: Blazzing House


Lighter colored fabrics can be appropriate for a formal living room, foyer, or bedroom. However, if this is a piece of furniture that will be used frequently, it is suggested to choose a slightly darker fabric. Select the one that you think is appropriate for the area of your house. This is key if you want to be consistent in terms of the design and ambiance.

The Finish

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Source: Iowes

If your piece of furniture has any exposed wood, the stain or finish color is an important point to consider. Many pieces can be altered dramatically by the color of the finish. You can easily take a chair from traditional to contemporary by changing a cherry stain to a black paint. Likewise, a mahogany piece painted white will instantly appear more feminine.


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Source: FAQ How

You want the furniture piece to feel solid and heavy. Avoid particleboard and light aluminum frames and stick with solid wood construction. Solid wood frames will generally last much longer and is the standard for fine furniture. However, make sure that the price is consistent with your expectations for how long the piece is going to last – or better yet, ask a help from an expert of interior design in Singapore. The cushion is also an important point to consider when looking at construction. Before purchasing anything, give it the sit test. No matter how beautiful your new upholstery piece is you won’t enjoy it if it’s not comfortable.

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The Unexpected

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Source: Design Rulz


Look for furniture that has an element of the unexpected or has some personality. The overall shape of the piece could be a little unconventional, or maybe there’s some interesting tufting, or nail head detail. Either way, your personal style should be reflected in the piece of furniture that you choose.


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Source: Frazier and Son Furniture

No matter how beautiful your furniture is if the quality is unknown, it’s all but pointless.  You see, there are various furniture that are indeed cheap; however, when it comes to the quality, it’s totally hilarious. That they don’t even last, say, a month or two. You see, beauty and quality should come altogether when buying the right furniture. You need to go with a perfect design, but ensure that the quality is not compromised. As much as possible, don’t for furniture that are offered at low rates. More often than not, they easily rot or destroyed.


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Source: eBay

As much as quality is of importance, the quantity of your furniture should also be noted. Of course, if you have a small living room, stuffing it with lots of tables and chairs is not a good idea. The same goes with a bedroom that is full of useless furniture. Remember that space can create beauty, so don’t pack your home with lots of furniture. Only go with the ones that you think are really important.

Are you looking to purchase furniture for your home? Why don’t you visit us here at M3Studio first! We can provide you with the right ideas, as well as suggest which furniture should work best for your home. Give us a call now and make things a lot easier for you!

Wall Art – A Budget Friendly Way to Freshen Up Your Living Room

Wall Art – A Budget Friendly Way to Freshen Up Your Living Room

There are more than a few ways to decorate your home space, and especially living room – where the “living” takes place. It is fair to say that living room is the heart of the home and where most people spend the most time in around the house. It is also where you host all your guests and the “first impression” your guests will get from your home. Even designers pay so much attention in living room design in Singapore.

Naturally, living room is also the home decoration spot light. The design of your living room often sets the tone of the design of your entire home. Some people go out to the wild and hunt a buck (In places where it’s legal with proper license and permission) and bring home its head to hang on the wall in the living room, some people spend big bucks and make a fireplace out of one of the living room walls.  

And some people, unfortunately, maxed out their decoration budget after that last set of basic furniture.

That doesn’t make it a lost cause though, sure, you could stare at the empty walls in your living room at your brand new home and be absolutely happy, but every now and then, freshen it up a little will give your living room, and even your entire home a brand new vibe. The best part about this is: You don’t have to go hunt buck (And let’s not forget, get the permit for it and all that.), neither do you have to import the most exotic foreign designer piece just to mix things up a little. (With that said, there are also local designer pieces in Singapore for your living room, consult your interior designer and see how you can incorporate those into your “very Singapore” living room design.).

The truth is; and this might surprise you – Sometimes it takes very little to freshen things up! This, of course, also applies to living room design. Sometimes all it takes is just a little bit of wall art.

Yes, wall art. It might not look like much, but it does make a huge. But don’t take my words for it, see it for yourself:

singapore interior design

Image source: Practicallyspoiled.com

While it is already a colorful living room with a strong vibe, the simple wall arts that go with the color theme really brings the living room to live.

And of course, it works really well with the classic white wall as well:

Image source: chuckebyrdwallart

Image source: chuckebyrdwallart

While changing apartments frequently is not really something people do for a variety of reasons, using wall-art to freshen it up and giving your living room and the home space and brand new vibe is not only effective, but also vey budget friendly, if you’re a very hands-on person, you can even choose to do it yourself! And because its budget friendly nature, you can even update your themes by the season or as often as you like!

For a city as hot as Singapore, living room designs often tend to be on the “minimalist” side with white walls to create a spacious and cooling vibe, which is a great strategy. However, a little tweak here and there on the wall does wonders to lighten up the mood and if you choose to do it yourself, you might just get a kick out of it as well!

Don’t worry about it if you don’t have an art degree, while paintings are a popular choice of wall art, it is not the only choice. Take this lady for example, she completely steps up her wall art game and created this elegance looking wall art using plastic spoons!

Image source: manicmakings.com.wordpress

Image source: manicmakings.com.wordpress

I know what you’re thinking, that looks nothing like plastic spoons and actually even looks expensive! For those who would like to try it at home, you can learn how to create the exact same thing here.

Don’t have too much time on your hands to DIY your wall art? Well, there’s always something money can buy that allows you to be creative without too much work. Perhaps something like this for your living room?

Image source: dms-design.webs.com

Image source: dms-design.webs.com

Turning the classic look of wooden furniture and white walls combination into something lively and fun, the wall art magic strikes again!


4 Things That Interior Designers Won’t Tell You

4 Things That Interior Designers Won’t Tell You

The inspiration strikes—you simply cannot live for one more second with that old, sagging sofa or those tattered, sun-faded drapes or those paint-chipped kitchen cabinets—it’s time to redecorate! The potential that comes with a home redecoration project can be exciting, but also difficult when it comes to logistics. While some homeowners have inspired ideas when it comes to design, they might not have the means or skills to put it all together and make it happen. This is where the professionals come into play—this is when it’s time to hire a condo interior design Singapore based.

Interior decorators are essential when you have so many good ideas, but you don’t know how to narrow them down, or on the other side of the coin—you want a home makeover but don’t know exactly where to begin. They can be a great resource when it comes to taking ideas and putting them into motion in your home. However, interior design is also a business and there are definitely some tricks to the trade.

Here are 4 things that you should know before opening your door to the professionals:

Professionals Have Connections

condo interior design singapore

Source: New Town Connections

Interior design is a business, albeit a creative one, but still a business at its core. When hiring an interior designer, you must consider it just like you would any other business deal. This means that interviewing potential candidates is a must. Since networking is a big part of any business success, you will want to hire an interior designer who has a long history in the trade; therefore, has lots of connections.  

Remember that a well-connected designer has great resources when it comes to discounts which they can pass onto you. An interior designer that is new to the market may try and exaggerate their connections because they don’t want you to know that they lack a history in the business. Make sure you ask who your interior designer knows for specific products such as flooring or countertops. These features are pricey, but could be reduced with the right connections.

Discuss Budget First

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Source: NewBerg

While it would be nice to think that your interior designer has your budget savings in mind—this usually isn’t the case. Unless you clearly discuss your monetary limits at the start, your designer is going to choose the best features in quality and structure. The finished job reflects upon them, so of course they want it to look lavish and top-of-the-line.

This has the potential to boost your bill beyond your budget, and unless you’re looking to break the bank, be sure to discuss budget limits and how far you’re willing to go. If you have hired the right designer, they will give you some ideas on what changes to your design plan need to be made to help you stay within that budget.

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Don’t Bypass Your Preferences

Your interior designer is a professional, but also a person with preferences. If you leave the options too wide open, you might soon realize that what your interior designer loves is what your home becomes.  This is also the sign of a poorly qualified designer—their main job is to design for you not for themselves. Interior designers don’t want to design rooms that they think are ugly; rooms that do not adhere to their tastes, but that is simply part of their job.

Be sure to have a discussion about what you love before your interior décor becomes a testament to your designer’s interests and hobbies. Show the designer pictures of rooms you love, colors that call to you, and fabrics you admire.

The Best for Less?

condo interior design singapore

Source: Royal Randwick

Just because they claim to be the best doesn’t mean you can’t find someone just as talented for less. Interior design students will often take on projects for school credit and could offer up quality services for half the cost. But remember, they are just starting out, so they will not have the connections that an established condo interior design in Singapore professional does.

Ask around for referral from friends who have hired interior designers. Be sure to check out each designer’s portfolio to ensure that their ideas meet your expectations. Take your time in hiring a decorator. Although the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ you deserve to find an interior designer who can give you what you want and within your budget.

At M3Studio, we always ensure that the design you’ve always wanted is reached – we won’t call it a day until we don’t put into reality what is best for your home! At the end, it’s your decision and input that we always prioritize. Give us a call and we’ll let you experience the best interior designing.

7 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer before Hiring One

7 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer before Hiring One

When planning for the perfect interior design, the heavy task relies on you first. Why? That’s because you have to find the perfect interior designer to do the job, which is something that isn’t easy. According to a condo interior design Singapore expert, hiring an interior designer will help you choose the right materials for your dream home. However, there are things that you need to know first so as to ensure that you hire the right person.

Remember that when meeting with the designer that you wish to work with it’s to identify if he or she can materialize the ideas you’ve always wanted to become a reality. In order to help you out, you better keep in mind these six essential questions that you may want to ask.

What is Your Design Aesthetic?

condo interior design singapore

Source: California MRKT


The designer should show floor plans, photos, fabric samples and anything that pertains to their completed projects. Doing so can help you a lot in assessing if your vision can match their style. Consider asking about their previous clients and how they worked on a project so you can look into how they work. From there, evaluate if he or she can deliver the design you have in mind.

Were You Able to Work with a Similar Project in the Past?

It’s essential to know if your interior designer is experienced at working with similar spaces and households which are similar to yours.  If you live in a condo, it would be advisable to work with a condo interior design Singapore expert who excels in maximizing small spaces. Doing so can help you evaluate the skills he or she has particularly in working with such similar projects.

Can You Tell Me About Your Rates?

condo interior design singapore

Source: SVA.Edu

An interior designer once said that when you hire a professional, typically they will charge you a law-standardized fee for the design solutions to your problems. If that is the case, it’s better to ask for a clear overview of the designer’s rates. Find out whether you’re paying an hourly rate or a project fee, and remember to inquire about more affordable solutions if the total costs exceed your budget. Remember: asking questions means no harm, so don’t think twice about asking such question.

Is My Preferred Design in Line with the Current Budget I Have?

condo interior design singapore

Source: Sales Bench Mark Index

This part here is really tricky, as there are designers who would not tell you about the difference between your budget and your desired design. As a result, you’ll be surprised with how much you’ll actually be spending and that the money needed isn’t in anyway in line with your preferred budget. If the total cost exceeds your budget, inquire about more affordable solutions. Your designer can give you suggestions about working with what you already have.

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How long will it Take You for the Project to be done?

condo interior design singapore

Source: Autobody Concept

Before signing the contract, you need to have a project timeline. An excellent interior designer will work within your time frame, as well as inform you of if it is not possible. Know that it’s important for you to know an estimated finished time, so as to anticipate all the resources needed for the design to be achieved. Otherwise, you will be caught in the corner, as you are not prepared for the timeline.

Will You Be the One Who’ll Do the Purchasing?

condo interior design singapore

Source: Bedrock Data

Your designer will suggest furniture and accessories that will work well with your home. Or that he or she will ask you to buy materials that are not within your budget’s reach. Nonetheless, know that what he or she is telling you is for the purpose of getting the perfect design. However, it is your decision if you will let him/her do all the buying or if you really have to buy the said materials – remember that the right interior design can give you other options so as to save yourself from spending too much.

Do You Offer Discounts or Something?

condo interior design singapore

Source: Realistic

Although not all designers are into giving discounts at first projects, it doesn’t hurt to ask such question. Keep in mind that the purpose of asking this is to have the knowledge of how flexible his or her rates can be. It could be for the purpose of getting discounts the next time you’ll contract her for another project. Also, it’s a great way to introduce possible rate negotiations.

We here are M3Studio believes that acquiring the right interior designer is as important as getting the right design for your home. If you need an expert at such, give us a call and you won’t regret it. We can offer you good prices for great designs!

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