As designers, it’s hard to go on anywhere without stopping at every juncture and go ‘ah ha, now that’s an idea’. A career in interior design at M3 Studio isn’t just a job for us. We consider it a lifestyle.

We eat, breath, sleep, and dream design.

Recently we have had the pleasure of taking on some interns to train under our wing and I’d like to think that we return them to school more aware and amazed as ever.

In this five part series, I’ll be talking about some places that are good source of inspiration that you may not have yet thought about. This series is written for all the interior designers in-the-making who finishing up their final year in design school. However, it can also be a good source of awareness for new homeowners to get a peek into the mind of interior designers, and perhaps if client and designers could converse on the same wavelength, less hair will be lost during discussion.

At M3 Studio, we believe that design shapes culture, and culture shapes values so it stands to reason that for this series of article, that’s exactly where we shall begin our journey.

Photo Credit: City Scape

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