If you are getting ready to put your condo out in the market or you are just looking for ways to add value to your home investment then considering some upgrades is the best way to go. However, you should know that every upgrade is not created equal because some may offer great returns while there are also those that could cost you more money in the long run. You might even need to seek out an interior design company in Singapore if you want to ensure that the proper upgrades will be taken cared of.


Now, the big question is “What upgrades can really provide big value for your condo?” If you’re looking for an answer then this article that we provided will help you out with that one and ensure that your money will be well spent.  


Bathroom Renovation

If you have a potential buyer then it can easily turn them off once they see a bathroom that needs some serious do-over. In fact, if you ask a professional, they would usually recommend that you focus your time and money on the maintenance of your bathroom and kitchen above anything else. If you do that then the return of your condo’s value will be rock solid.


Hardwood Floors

This is sometimes overlooked by many owners but floors are actually a major selling point for your condo. It can be a less costly investment but you can be sure that it will have some positive returns. If you are looking for a small floor upgrade then you surely can’t go wrong when you go for a classic hardwood. Hardwood floors are easy to deal with than carpets and it can be good for anyone with allergies as well.


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Kitchen Remodel

Just like the bathroom, the kitchen is also one of the places that every buyer would look into if they want to seal the deal on your place. If you want to utilize the upgrade but don’t have enough money to spend then you should focus on replacing the sink and faucet, repaint the cabinets, and even update as much appliances as you can. But if you have the big bucks to spend for it then just remember to always focus on a design that’s simple yet stylish.



If you want to capture your buyer’s interest then another way you can do that is by buying modern appliances that can appeal to the overall look of your condo. Don’t be cheap in replacing your old appliances with updated ones because those things can really spice up the place. It will even ensure that things flow smoothly in your condo since you have modern appliances to help you out with that.


More Storage

A good storage space in your condo can be desirable in the eyes of your buyer and may even be a bonus for you as well. If possible, expand every place where storage is most common such as closets or even rooms because you may never know how valuable that extra space is for your buyer.
So if ever you plan on upgrading your condo, consider the things mentioned above and hire the right interior designer in Singapore to ensure that everything falls smoothly into place.

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