5 Energy Efficiency Solutions for the Home

5 Energy Efficiency Solutions for the Home

Even though humans have tried to explore beyond earth to find a new living planet suitable for us, but as far we know, the planet earth is still the only planet that is suitable for human living. With this in mind, going green seems to be the logical option for the sake of both our planet earth and our wallet, every Singaporean interior designer would agree to this. For example, did you know that if your air conditioning is over 12 years old, the chance is, the new models available in the markets right now are likely greener (more energy efficient) and, therefore save you some money on your electricity bill?


‘Walking along The Alley’ by M3 Studio

‘Walking along The Alley’ by M3 Studio

Singaporeans love to travel and we are well-known for that. Many of us walk down the streets of Berlin, Amsterdam, Istanbul for example and marvel at the culture of the architecture lining along these very streets. So why not have such an experience in the comfort of your own home as well? By taking our travel experiences around the world into account, we created a 'Street-Style' theme within a home.

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