Is your home getting too old or some parts of it are falling off? Well, if that’s the case then your home certainly needs an upgrade to make it look fresh. However, upgrading your home can sometimes cost a fortune, right? If you say yes then that’s the part where you’re wrong because an interior design company in Singapore has come up with some ideas that will surely benefit your home but won’t cost your wallet that much. Read this information below to find out.


Refresh each room with paint – You can get rid of your wall’s washed-out look by bursting a brilliant depth of paint can on them. This is the best thing about a coat of paint because it will help rearrange your reality. It is sometimes overlooked by many homeowners but it sure is one of the best when it comes to bringing in something new-like to your home.


Install a low-cost stair runner – Is your stairs getting too old that you can no longer get a good grip on it and it feels too slippery? Well, you should try installing a DIY stair runner. Instead of getting your stairs carpeted for about $2,500, you can always go for something cheaper like an off-the-shelf woven runners along with a couple of supplies from a home center. This will surely give your stairs a non-slippery upgrade and it will also help conceal its former weary look.


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Conserve water by installing a dishwasher – If you’re baffled by this idea then it can be easily forgiven because old dishwashers can really cost havoc both on your water and electricity bills. Perhaps it is time to replace it with a new Energy Star-certified dishwasher since it can help reduce the cost by as much as $30 and save 500 gallons of water. If you don’t have a dishwasher yet then make sure to buy one now since washing dishes by your hand consumes 40 more percent more water.


Add shade and privacy by using interior shutters – Sunlight streaming through your windows is a great source of natural lighting but it can sometimes be an annoyance in certain situations. Apart from that, you can be easily spotted by your neighbors or even by someone walking on the street since you let your windows be wide open. The only option that you probably might have thought of is to install shades but you can actually try swinging wood shutters instead since it makes the cover even more beautiful. In fact, interior shutters were originally hailed as “window treatments” and even up to now, they’re still a great addition to historical and architectural detail.
Provide some new finish to your kitchen cabinets – If you feel that your kitchen has got a cave-like vibe then it’s probably because that your dark kitchen cabinets has taken the light away from the room. However, going for a brighter makeover will suffice it instead of replacing it with all-new ones. This alternative is really cost-effective because you will only be using a fresh, brighter coat of paint instead.

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