5 Frugal Ways to Decorate Your Home

5 Frugal Ways to Decorate Your Home

Looking to decorate your crib, but haven’t got the cash? Whether home is a swanky condominium apartment in the buzzing business district of Singapore, or a humble 3 room HDB flat in the heartlands, here are 5 ways to refresh your home with these nifty HDB interior design tricks; all guaranteed to keep you (and your wallet) happy.

  1. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Don’t knock it just because it’s cheap. Some people are simply looking to make room in their homes, and are selling their old, but high quality furniture at rock bottom prices on online platforms like Carousell or Gumtree. Should cashless transactions not be your cup of tea, you can always opt for thrift stores like the Salvation Army, or even the weekend flea markets. While often disorganised, these places are usually full of little gems that need just a little digging around. Find anything from second hand picture frames, chairs, tables, and other decorative pieces. You’ll get the chance to find if there are any pre-loved clothes that catch your fancy too. If you don’t find anything the first time, go back! Inventory in these places are always expanding and changing, so you’ll never have to look at the same things twice. It makes for a great idea for a family outing, or lovely afternoon date to discover the best bargains in town.

Flea market in Hietalahdentori, Helsinki, Finland/ Janne Hellsten

Flea market in Hietalahdentori, Helsinki, Finland/ Janne Hellsten

  1. Change it up with Spray Paint.

Consider spray paint; these unassuming cans can change the look of almost everything. Want to give a fresh coat of paint to the second hand picture frames you found at a weekend flea? Spray paint is the answer. Want to give an old chair an avant-garde twist? Spray paint it with a bunch of colours. What’s even better is that they cost only 12-15 dollars a pop, so you can experiment with a couple of colours without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for something more natural, try a wood staining project that could give your wooden furniture a subtle shift in style.

2 Spray Paint

  1. Go Green

Like going for nature walks in our green city? This one’s for you. Make yourself a mini garden. Try these common plants: Areca Palm, Dracana Corn Plant, Rubber Plant, Peace Lily and the Snake Plant. These plants are not only well suited to Singapore’s humidity, but also remove toxins from the air.

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If you’ve got a green thumb. Why not keep a garden that grows your own food? Singapore’s climate is hot, sunny, and ideal for growing your own vegetables. Not only will this mean that you will have an abundance of healthy greens to pick from, but it’s also healthy for your wallet, too.

3 Apartment Garden

  1. Change the look of your furniture

So your throw pillows are a boring shade of grey. Cover them with bright red cushion covers. Or maybe the pictures on your wall are starting to get a little dated– swap them out for something new. Even changing your shower curtains from a transparent sheet to a happy yellow could make a cheery difference to your life-contemplation session in the shower.

If your budget is absolutely zero, simply shift your furniture for a fresh new look. This way, you’ll get two or more looks with the exact same furnishings.

bright colored minimalist living room

  1. Colour your Ceilings

You don’t have to be the next Michelangelo to paint your ceiling, so don’t ignore it. While most people paint their ceilings white on default, opt for something a little more interesting. Pale blues, lavenders, and yellows draw the eye to the ceiling, not only expanding the feel of the room, without being overly harsh.


With these 5 budget-friendly interior designer hacks, make your condo or HDB interior design stand out from the homes of your Singaporean friends. Have you got any other budget friendly ways to revamp your home? Share it with us, because we’d like to know!

5 Coolest Pink Items Every Girl Must Have

5 Coolest Pink Items Every Girl Must Have

If you do a survey among little girls to ask them their favorite color, pink would come up more often than not. Surprisingly, many adults have embraced this color as well. Pink has always been correlated to femininity. Being a color with a wide range of beautiful shades that pop out right out at you to soft tender hues, it is not surprise that it can express a wide range of emotions most girls have. So even if you’re not a pink-lover, you just might appreciate these 5 pink items that you can add for a dash of color in your room.

SAG_0494 copy

  1. Pink Statement Couch

A statement couch in this color might feel a tad too much for a lot of people, but for pink lover, it’s just the right item you need to spice up your room. Various customized pink statement couches are popping up everywhere, including a pink lips couch! How cool is that? Although everyone may not have the space to put a couch in the room, you can also have the option to go for pink lips accent chairs to brighten up your desk.

  1. Pink Neon Signs

Gone were the days when neon signs are simply to let you know where the drive-thru was. Nowadays, you can use neon signs to decorate your home. Many celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Lauren Conrad have utilized modern neon signs. A word or short phrase will definitely be an eye-catcher for anyone who visits your room. Now that’s an Instagram-able room!

  1. Pink Accent Pillows

If you just need a little pink in your room, consider accent pillows. These are perfect for brightening up an earth-toned room.  This small change may be what you need if you aren’t completely ready for an entirely pink room. Furthermore, this could be a way for you to test the waters, seeing what compliments pink if you plan to incorporate more of this bright color in your home.

  1. Pink Upholstered Ottomans

Maybe you’ve never owned any upholstered or pink furniture, but if you’re thinking of doing so, you can kill two birds with one stone by getting a pink upholstered ottoman. This would be a great addition to your room in terms of color and style. You might be worried that upholstered ottomans are a bit old-fashioned but there are many modern designs that might surprise you.

  1. Pink Swatch Painting

An artistic addition to your room could be a painting above your bed. Pink paintings are one of a kind items that can brighten up your room. It doesn’t have to be a complicated one and necessarily be store bought. If you are good at art and crafts yourself, go ahead and work on pink swatches using different paints. The various hues will not only make you appreciate your room but pink as a color in itself.

4 different ways to bring some Japanese Zen to your Singaporean HDB

4 different ways to bring some Japanese Zen to your Singaporean HDB

Just like the HDB flats in Singapore, Japanese apartments tend to be small. The difference lies in their living rooms, where they are both visually spacious and functional. This brings a sense of calm, making it a great place to come home to after a long day of work and school. If you’re a new home owner, here are some HDB interior design tips you can bring over for your Singaporean home.

1) Let Nature In

In a culture where nature is greatly loved and respected, it’s no surprise that the Japanese use elements of nature in their homes. Try adding traditional Japanese plants like the Bonsai and Bamboo; these will give your home a Japanese boost. If you have difficulty finding these plants in Singapore (we’re not in Japan, after all), consider any other kind of plants like orchids or a snake plant. Though it’s not terribly typical to see colourful flowers in Japanese interior design, you can always try having plants with muted coloured flowers for a feminine touch. Otherwise, stick to plants that have simple lines and a natural green shade.

HDB interior design

2) Sliding Screens

Just like our HDB flats, Japanese homes tend to be small and pricey. This means that space is at a premium and conserving it is a major priority. Instead of doors that open into rooms like any typical Singaporean HDB flat, sliding doors are often used instead. This will not only visually enhance the look of your home, but using door dampening systems on these sliding doors will also reduce any door-nipped-at-junior’s-finger accidents if you have children at home. While authentic Japanese sliding doors are usually made of translucent paper to let natural light in, having them in modern materials is completely possible. Use frosted glass to give the same effect, without compromising on the durability. Another good idea is using mirrors on sliding closet doors for a 2-in-1 functionality and to reflect light, making your room brighter and more visually appealing.

HDB interior design

3) Wooden Elements

Another way to bring nature into your home is to add wooden furnishings. Invest in a pretty tatami mat, tables, chairs, walls, and doors. Some materials to consider would be bamboo, pine, or even maple for that gorgeous grain. Request these fine touches from your Interior Design firm— any Singaporean Interior Designer worth his or her salt would be happy to give you recommendations if this is suitable for the overall look of your home. The image below was a living room put together by us (M3 studio), where the walls were made of wood, giving this home a subtle Japanese Zen.

HDB interior design

4) Simple Style

Japanese design is simple, clean, and minimal. With their simple living culture, clutter is not a commonplace in Japanese households. To achieve this look, keep your interior design sleek and clean-lined. Forget those gigantic, fun-looking bean bags— in most circumstances, they could very well look out of place in a Japanese inspired home. Instead, try getting legless chairs. They serve the same purpose of comfortable seating on the floor, just with cleaner lines and less bulk.

HDB interior design

With these tips, who says that you can’t have a piece of Japan in Singapore? Go forth and transform your HDB home into a living space inspired by the calm, serene spirit of the Japanese culture. And remember, if you’re having a little hiccup with your HDB flat’s interior designs, feel free to call us up. We at M3 studio will always be happy to help!

5 Bedroom Designs That Will Make Your Heart Melt

5 Bedroom Designs That Will Make Your Heart Melt

If you ask any homeowner what the most important room for them is, many would agree that the bedroom would be it. Since it is the place we recharge, we would want to have the perfect atmosphere surrounding us the moment we sleep and the moment we rise. No one can deny that that whatever you wake up to definitely affects the mood of your day. So if you’re looking for inspiration on your own bedroom, here are 4 bedroom designs that will definitely make you smile as soon as you open your eyes.


1. Natural light has become a staple in many master bedrooms. Huge windows which let in a lot of sun compliments the simplicity of the whole interior in this room. If you feel that this arrangement suits you well, monochrome colors such as whites, blacks and grays, would be your best bet for sheets and the walls. The wall behind the bed’s headboard is a feminine element that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Wouldn’t you want to wake up here every day?


2. If you’re in search for a more masculine theme, perhaps this minimalistic bedroom design would suit you. Despite its smaller size, this room has natural light which gives it an illusion of space. Darker gray tones on the wall and the choice of blue for the sheets give a cooler atmosphere to this entire arrangement. If you’re into cuddling on rainy days without much room for space, then you might want to consider this design.

LoresPonggolField 09

3. This bedroom achieves the perfect balance of being modern and elegant. One of the most eye-catching features would have to be the gold tones highlighted by LED cove lightings. Earth colors are the best for sheets and curtains as it brings a gracefulness to the whole room. This design choice is a conducive setting for people who enjoy long lazy nights watching movies and just relaxing.

LoresDoubleBay 04

4. If you have more space to spare, feel free to mix up elements such as this design. The upholstery wall paneling behind the headboard is a stark contrast to the wallpaper with curved lines. With the right monochrome tones, this risky design pays off. The result is a haven for classic design lovers looking for a touch of excitement in the room. Gray tones modernize the curtain arrangement in this one-of-a kind setting.


5. If you’re not into classic or completely modern designs, you might want to start looking into rustic and industrial designs. This room is a great example where the two styles combine well. The wood panels and concrete walls definitely create a unique space that nature lovers would love. Modern elements such as cove lighting and blinds are still obviously present but kept minimal at best. As pop art can be easily integrated, this is a room design that is popular for the younger crowd.



5 Ways To Bring Serious Style to Your Singaporean Kitchen

5 Ways To Bring Serious Style to Your Singaporean Kitchen

If you live in Singapore, you would know that kitchens are typically small little rooms that are often dark, dank, and a little messy. But with the rise of pretty looking kitchens on the media, these gorgeous spaces are no longer confined to those living in huge bungalows, but appeal to those who live in HDBs and condominiums as well. Whether you’re a first time home owner looking to be inspired for your brand new kitchen space, or whether you’re looking for ways to refresh an old one, here are 5 different ways to bring stylish Singapore interior design to your kitchen.

1) Find colourful fridges
If your kitchen is going all white to visually maximise your space, consider installing a colourful fridge. It’ll bring a pop of colour to your kitchen without compromising on practicality. While not widely available in Singapore, these gorgeous cuboids will accent your kitchen, giving it a unique vibe. Otherwise, a common bright colour we see from most brands is a sophisticated shade of red that is sure to bring an extra oomph to your kitchen’s design.

Singapore interior design

2) For the condiment fanatic
Cook often? Then you’re more likely to be a condiment fanatic than the rest of us. Proudly show off your condiment collection on open shelving. That will not only draw some interest to your mad chef skills, but also allow you to reach for your most used condiments in a jiffy. Who says interior design can’t be practical too?

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If you live in Singapore, you would know that kitchens are typically small little rooms that are often dark, dank, and a little messy. But with the rise of pretty looking kitchens on the media, these gorgeous spaces are no longer confined to those living in huge bungalows, but appeal to those who live in HDBs and condominiums as well. Whether you’re a first time home owner looking to be inspired for your brand new kitchen space, or whether you’re looking for ways to refresh an old one, here are 5 different ways to bring stylish Singapore interior design to your kitchen.

3) You are not an island (but you can have one)
Following the studio apartment trend, kitchen islands have been making waves in the interior design scene in Singapore and countries with smaller floor space. Kitchen islands can be used for a variety of purposes: food preparation, dining table, or even a common work space for you and the kids. If you’re looking to live in a pseudo-studio HDB or condominium, kitchen islands are also known to be great at separating the space between your kitchen and the living room. And if you’re thinking of maximising your storage space, consider getting one with an in-built cupboard like this one.

Singapore interior design

4) Hang up your pots
Yes, we know that our HDB flats are getting smaller despite the sky-high prices. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t store our things right. Instead of putting your pots and pans away in a small, dingy cupboard, why not hang them up to dry over the sink? This saves you storage space for other things, and also helps you air your pots and pans so that they are nice and dry by the time you’re ready to cook up a storm.

Singapore interior design

5) Accent your kitchen
Some people have that one colour they really like. If you’re one of those people, try accenting your kitchen with it. Otherwise, if you’re looking to make your kitchen a more “food themed” place, try red, yellow, orange, and green. These colours are psychologically linked to inducing appetites and packs a punch in the style department.

Singapore interior design

Interior design for your kitchen in a small HDB or condominium may sound tough with all the practical components, but if you follow these little tricks, you could get a great kitchen to prepare your delicious meals in. Bon appétit!



4 Simple and Unique Study Area Designs to Inspire You

4 Simple and Unique Study Area Designs to Inspire You

Finding the perfect place is to study is a huge task for many. A room should be conducive enough for you to focus on whatever it is you wish to absorb in your study session. Without the proper elements, you just might be wasting your time trying to concentrate. It is also important that room not be too cozy, especially if sleep becomes difficult for you. You don’t really want to end up snoozing in your attempt to seep knowledge. If you’re looking for a perfect study room & living room interior design in Singapore, these rooms should inspire you.

1. Most homes may not have enough space to have their own study room. Even though this is the case, setting up a study in your own bedroom is definitely not a bad idea. With this table set up facing the window, this position lets natural light in while you studying. This prevents strain on the eyes which artificial light is known for. Although there are some that may feel the table space is not enough, this will help you focus more less table space means clutter, reducing distractions.

LowresBB WestAve8 08

2. Draw inspiration from is this incredibly creative use of small space. With a few square meters available, elevating the bed on a platform had given the designer a chance to utilize the remaining platform area into a study corner. Having more table space means you won’t have difficulty fitting books and a laptop as compared to the first example. The light colors are positive reinforcement to stay awake during those long nights of hitting the books. Having blinds instead of curtains also helps in controlling the amount of natural light in your room for when you want to stay alert and when you are ready to rest for a bit.


3. People have different ways in concentrating. While some need total peace and quiet, some are able to focus more when they aren’t confined in a room. If you feel that open spaces are more your thing, then this study space might be for you. An area set-up on the balcony allows you to take as much fresh air as you need during breaks of heavy reading. Studying in open spaces also helps prevent you from dozing off as you are further away from the bed or the atmosphere of your own bedroom.


4. If you’re lucky enough to have a room that you can dedicate to studying and working, then you might want to have this design on your inspiration board. With a table going around the entire room, you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of space for your books, papers, laptops and even a desktop. A set-up like this is also great when you want to host group studies as there is enough room for everyone to focus on their own and exchange ideas with as you are all seated in the center of the room. The cabinets are great storage options to keep your study/work-related items within reach in your productive space.LoresClover 05

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